Our Mission

To support how people impact their health, wellness, and betterment through foods, alternative, complimentary, and complex medicines.

Our Vision

To envision a world where health is more fully understood by individuals and society using accessible research tools.

Our Purpose

To empower humanity with the tools and knowledge of science and medicine to improve ourselves, our communities, and our world.


Meet Chloe

For our customers

People Science created Chloe for companies that value science and want to test ideas and products using trusted scientific evidence to define their competitive edge. We offer collaborative support and a reliable platform to help you design and conduct research studies. We offer a streamlined and economical process to support rigorous science

For our consumers

Chloe is a personalized health app to help you discover which alternative medicines might work best for you. Chloe is like your personal research assistant, empowering you to better understand “the science of you” so you can test, learn and improve your overall health & well-being.

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How it Works

Select a Health Need

Track Personal Results

View the Impact of the Intervention

Earn Points for Participating

Our Services

We offer data collection technology and services for clinical research studies of alternative medicines and wellness interventions.

Market Focus

  • Psychedelics (natural and synthetic)
  • Cannabis and Cannabinoids
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Plant and Fungus-based Medicines
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Food-as-Medicine
  • Digital Therapies
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The People behind People Science

Our founders Belinda & Noah are two curious people whose life journey brought them together as partners, scientists, and physicians. They created People Science to empower all people in their own journeys to betterment. Together, we are creating a trusted scientific infrastructure that allows more people to ask questions about things they care about and for more voices to be heard.

Belinda Tan
Belinda Tan, MD, PhD

Belinda is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and first-generation American. She was previously the co-founder Chief Medical Officer at Science 37, a global clinical research and technology company. She was formerly an Assistant Professor at Harbor-UCLA and is an investigator at The Lundquist Institute.

Noah Craft
Noah Craft, MD, PhD

Noah is scientist-physician-entrepreneur. He was previously the co-founder CEO at Science 37, a global clinical research and technology company. Before that, he was the Chief Medical Officer at VisualDx, the Chief Science Officer at DirectDerm, an investigator at The Lundquist Institute, and Associate Professor at UCLA.


Trusted by leading global brands across industries

Quotation Mark

From early brainstorming to the end of our study, People Science has proven to be a leader in this new direct-to-consumer clinical research model. Rigorous science, affordable and efficient delivery. The positive results from our study have already been useful to support our patent filings as well as our science-forward marketing. I hope to continue this kind of collaboration and work on more projects with People Science soon!


Ruchir P. Patel, M.D., FACP, Founder

Quotation Mark

The Chloe Platform by People Science was the most intutive, user friendly research platform and app that we had ever used. The tech team was always available for any questions and made the participant journey incredibly simple and straightforward through the app, which in turn, propelled our timelines to study completion sooner than anticipated.


Jonathan Scheiman, PhD, CEO

Quotation Mark

The People Science team is hypercollaborative and have been very flexible in supporting the needs of our active research studies and our grant applications. The Chloe platform is a tool that we’ve been wanting to exist for a long time and will be really useful to enable longitudinal participant engagement in a wide variety of upcoming clinical research projects on psychedelics.


Saleena Subaiya, MD

Quotation Mark

The People Science Study Team has been a dream to work with. Given their decades of academic research and pharma experience, they really know how to segment and bring rigorous clinical research practices into the world of alternative medicines and cannabis research. Above that, they are really fun to work and overall great humans!


Ben Adams, Director of Business Development

Quotation Mark

We are excited to have a partnership with People Science, empowering our students and clinical herbalists to participate in Citizen Science.
The People Science team has been very open, supportive and collaborative with our staff and students, and we are deeply aligned in our mission to bring forth evidence-based knowledge about herbal medicines that can create a positive impact in people’s lives.


Laura Ash, CEO & Founder

Quotation Mark

As a research partner, People Science has been incredible to work with. Their commitment to rigorous and ethical clinical research is obvious and their decentralized operations are highly efficient. We wanted to differentiate our cannabinoid formulations with science and People Science helped us do just that. Highly recommended.


Giles Hayward, MBA, Cofounder & President

Woven Science

Our Partners & Supporters

Trusted relationships and collaboration will allow us to transform how we improve health for the public. We welcome any person or organization that shares this purpose.

Interested in partnering or investing with People Science?

We’d love to hear from you. People Science is a collaborative effort to democratize science for The People. Join our mission to bring better science to alternative medicines.