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Probiotics for Anxiety

We are conducting a new type of study to understand the effectiveness of a probiotic containing Lactiplantibacillus plantarum on anxiety. In this study, we aim to collect data related to your anxiety, sleep, mood, cognition and quality of life before and after taking the probiotic. All study activities can be done from the comfort of your home. The results of this study will allow you and the researchers to understand if this new probiotic can be used to help improve anxiety. Complete the initial survey to see if you qualify!

Cannabis for Motivation

We just launched a new cannabis study to understand the potential effectiveness of a unique formulation of THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), a rare cannabinoid, on motivation, energy level, focus, and appetite. If you’ve been feeling unmotivated, tired, or burnt-out and wishing for more energy and better performance, this study could be a way to explore a new investigational alternative medicine. Complete the initial survey to see if you qualify!

Plant-based Cream for Skin Enhancement in Participants with Eczema

We just launched a cosmetic study to understand the safety, tolerability and cosmetic benefits of 2 different consumer-grade, investigational plant-based topical creams for individuals dealing with skin imperfections due to mild to moderate atopic dermatitis. This study could be a way to explore a new plant-based cream to potentially improve the appearance of your skin. Complete the initial survey to see if you qualify!

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for Mental Health

People Science has partnered with Valis Bioscience and The Lunquist Institute to study the effects of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) on mental health. There is growing evidence showing the benefits of KAP for many mental health conditions. What’s lacking are the clinical trials designed to determine best practices and to encourage medical insurance coverage. We are planning ground-breaking research to address the public health need for affordable, safe, and effective mental health medicines.

Probiotics and Skin Health

Our skin microbiome is a fascinating new world for scientific discovery. It seems that many factors contributing to skin health and disease may be linked to the bugs living on our skin! How are scientists testing what makes skin better and what are they finding? How can more research lead to products that work better for personalized skin health? We are asking these questions, and more research will be coming soon.

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