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Chloe supports users to effectively test alternative and natural medicines on themselves. By visualizing personal results in real-time and comparing them anonymously to others, Chloe helps users find their best path forward to wellness.

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Plant Extracts and Sleep

High quality sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. We need more research to better understand how alternative medicines could improve sleep. While plant extracts such as Tart Cherry and Rafuma leaf are commonly thought to help with sleep, there is much more to learn. Our goal is to gather data that can help participants and researchers understand how these products can be used for sleep and also learn more about individual sleeping habits. This study now closed but check back for new studies!

Probiotics and Skin Health

Our skin microbiome is a fascinating new world for scientific discovery. It seems that many factors contributing to skin health and disease may be linked to the bugs living on our skin! How are scientists testing what makes skin better and what are they finding? How can more research lead to products that work better for personalized skin health? We are asking these questions, and more research will be coming soon.

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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Treatment Resistant Depression

People Science has partnered with KRIYA Institute, Valis Bioscience, and The Lundquist Institute to better understand the effects of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) on treatment resistant depression. There is growing evidence showing the benefits of KAP for many mental health conditions. What’s lacking are the clinical trials designed to determine best practices and to encourage medical insurance coverage. We are planning ground-breaking research to address the public health need for affordable, safe, and effective mental health medicines.


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Women’s Health Campaign

We’re calling on women across the US to contribute to alternative medicine research so that collectively we can unlock the power of science to find the most effective treatments for you. We’d like to lead the way in which research includes and values the contribution of women and for that reason we’ve launched the Women’s Health Campaign. With our innovative technology we can truly make a difference!  Join us on this exciting campaign by completing a brief survey.

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